Assessments – Part II: General Overview

An Assessment is created just like any other module within Litmos.  First, select the course the assessment will be added to and select Add a module.  From within the dropdown menu, select Assessments.  Once the general settings are saved, the Assessment Editor will open.  In the Assessment Editor questions and info pages may be added, and the setting may be edited.

There are three types of questions that can be created in a Litmos Assessment:

  • Multiple Choice questions give the learner options.  The answer can have one right question or many right questions.
  • Keyword questions are free form text that look for one or more specific words that answer the question correctly.
  • Free Text questions are free form text as well but will need to be corrected by an Administrator or Team Leader after the assessment has been completed.

Reports specific to Assessments are available and can be beneficial to gather information both about the learners and the assessment itself.  Drill into each learner to find out what they marked on the assessment, their score and how long it took them.  If multiple attempts are allowed, this information is available for each attempt.  A chart shows which questions were answered correct by more learners and which may be more difficult for the learners.  Quickly see how many people have passed the assessment and what the average amount of time was spent on the assessment.


Litmos assessments were created to be simple and easy.  However, if you need something a bit more robust, we can do that too!  Any authoring tool that creates assessments and spits out a SCORM 1.2 compliant file can be imported into Litmos.  There are plenty of authoring tools out there but this list is a good start.