Changes to Assessments, Okta Integration and MORE!

The Litmos team has been working hard to make your Litmos dreams come true.  As I have mentioned over the past few months, we are releasing new features and integrations faster than ever.  So, what do I have in store for you today?  In this most recent release we included:

  • Many changes to assessments.
  • Added SAML capabilities with Okta.
  • Changed the upload component for videos.
  • And bug fixes.

Changes to Assessments

Because of the crucial part that assessments play in successful training, the built-in assessment editor is an important feature of Litmos.  The goal of this update to the assessment module was not to completely redesign it but to give it a better user experience.

In addition to improving the flow we made some key adjustments:

  • Multiple choice questions that only have one correct answer now show up on the learner side with radio buttons.
  • Bulk Import for assessment questions and answers.
  • The ability to accompany a question with not only a photo but many other file types.

New Assessment Images

SAML Capabilities with Okta

If you are familiar with Okta or SAML then you understand that this is a really exciting integration.  If you are not familiar with either Okta or SAML, here are the basics:

 SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is a language that allows a user to log on once for affiliated but separate web sites.  The integration with Okta is our portal or how Litmos affiliates with these other website and extends your existing Active Directory.  Therefore, if you have Okta and any other web site with Okta capability, users would only need to sign into Okta to sign in to all the websites associated with it including Litmos.

To learn more about taking advantage of this feature, contact

Video Uploads

We have made some changes to how we upload the videos.  This change will be beneficial for you in two ways:  1) Errors and problems are less likely to occur during the video import process 2) Videos can now be uploaded using an iPad.