Changes to your Litmos Account

You have been asking for some new features and we have been listening.  We have decided to change how learners are notified of updated courses and we have also updated reports to fit your needs better.

We have added a feature that shows courses as updated only when you want to notify the learners that the course has been updated.  No longer will a learner be notified or the course put into their To-Do list if you fix a spelling error on an assessment, if you change an image in your SCORM file, add a new video to your course or any other minor changes made to your course.

Litmos change, new feature

How do you take advantage of this feature?  We have added a new check box at the bottom of all modules (shown in a SCORM module in the image above).  If the check box is unchecked, when the module is saved the learner will not be notified and it will not move back into their to do list.  If the box is checked, the learner will be able to see that the course has been updated since they completed the course and the course will move back into their To-Do list on the Home tab as shown in the image below.


Don’t see it for assessments?  This feature is located above the “Save” button in each question.

See our help guide for more information on this feature.

What else have we changed?  Reports!  You can never have to much reporting.

The first thing we have done is change the main reporting page.  We have made a few changes to the main dashboard to clean it up a bit and more intuitive to read.

reports main screen changes

The next thing you will notice is the filters for reports.  We have added more filters to our quick reports and made some additional changes to make the filters easier to use.

reporting filters

We are looking to add quite a few additional features to reports to make reporting easier and more robust then ever before.  Over the next month or two you can expect to see additional columns to almost all reports, additional options when exporting a report, and additional filters.

If you have additional suggestions, for reports or other features, submit them at