Convert PowerPoint presentations to online courses

You can now use Litmos to convert an existing PowerPoint or OpenOffice presentation into an online course in just a few simple steps.

PowerPoint is a great tool for creating training presentations and in fact is the most widely used method for delivering training worldwide. The problem is that PowerPoint is a presentation tool and it lacks the ability to manage trainees and track who’s viewed the presentation.

Litmos provides the solution to that problem by allowing you to upload your existing presentation, allocate it to individual trainees or teams, and then track which trainees have viewed the presentation.

The benefits of uploading your PowerPoint or OpenOffice presentations to Litmos include:

  • One central version of your presentation. You no longer need to keep track of which version of your training presentation each trainee is looking at. Litmos makes sure all trainees are looking at the same training presentation so there can never be any confusion.
  • The presentation is available online, for all trainees, all of the time. Sending large PowerPoint presentations to trainees via email can be painful. With Litmos, you only need to upload your presentation once and all trainees can view it.

UPDATE: Click here for a short video demonstration of how quickly you can upload PowerPoint presentations using Litmos.

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