Free Online Image Resizing Tool

We often get questions from customers about how to make their online training courses perform faster.

One of the main causes of poor performance in online training courses is large image files. The raw file size of a photo taken using a digital camera is far to big for the Internet.

The solution is to scale down these images before adding them to a PowerPoint presentation or online course. This way the trainee will not have to wait for large images file to slowly appear on their screen.

If you have access to an advanced image editing product like Adobe Photoshop then scaling down images is not a problem. For those who don’t have access to such a product or the specific skills to operate it, we have created a simple free image resizing tool.

In just 3 easy steps you can reduce the size of your image files.

You will also find that by scaling down images before using them in PowerPoint point presentations will improve the performance and overall file size of your offline presentations without compromising on image quality.