Introducing Question Pools & Random Ordering

screenshot of feature in the LMS to allow questions to be shown in random order

A couple of long-requested features were added to the Litmos LMS over the weekend as part of an upgrade to our assessment or quiz module.

First up, we have upgraded our assessment module to include question pools which means you can now create a pool of say 100 questions, but specify that each student only be asked 20 questions. This greatly reduces the chance that any two learners will receive the same set of questions.

Secondly, we have released a random ordering setting which ensures that the questions you enter in to your Assessment module will always come out in a random order for learners. Once again this ensures that your students and trainees will always be offered a different version of the quiz so you can be sure that answers cannot be memorized for subsequent attempts.

We’re rapidly checking off the new feature list that we put together after gaining your valuable feedback in our latest survey, so look out for more announcements inside your accounts and in our monthly newsletter – you can sign up at the bottom of our homepage.

The survey is still open for more suggestions and available here: New Feature Survey