Introducing the Litmos Education Webinar Series

wizard-with-crystal-ballWe want you to be successful with your eLearning!  And so, the Litmos team is introducing the Education Webinar Series.  Every first and third Wednesday of each month the Litmos team will be hosting a 30 minute webinar at 10:00 am PST to educate Litmos users in ways they can better utilize the system and become an LMS wizard.

The series will include a wide variety of webinars with topics for both beginners and well seasoned users.  Some sample topics include Instructor Lead Training (ILT) modules, customizing the system, Ecommerce solutions, Salesforce app, new features to the system, and much much more.  Upcoming webinars will be announced through our blog and monthly newsletter.  For any additional information, please contact

Although Litmos is the most user friendly Learning Management System in the world, we want to make sure each and every customer is using the system in the best possible way.  Using the system may be simple; however, being familiar with every feature may be a bit more of a challenge, especially if you are unaware of all the possibilities.  This is just another way the Litmos team is making your eLearning easier.

To start the webinar series we are doing a kicking off webinar titled Getting Learners into Litmos taking place on July 23rd at 10:00 am PST.  This kick off webinar will go over the various ways to get learners into your system including manually, bulk import, and self sign-up.

To join the kick off webinar on Wednesday, July 23rd at 10 am PST Register here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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