January Newsletter – Big News From Litmos

What a start to the year! It looks like ‘change’ and a proactive, ‘can do’ attitude will be the theme of 2009. The emergence of hope and positivity in these times of economic recession is a welcome sight.

Speaking of change, read on, because Litmos has a few of their own coming that you don’t want to miss…

This month:

  • News: Litmos Saves Call Centre Over $7000
  • Litmos Version 2.5 – Ready to Roll This Weekend
  • eCommerce: Sell Your Litmos Courses using PayPal

Litmos Saves Call Centre Over USD$7000

In the News, from IT Brief:

Auckland-based training delivery platform provider Litmos says it has saved New Zealand’s largest privately owned outsourced calls centre, Telnet, thousands of dollars through its online training platform.

The move to online training two years ago had already saved Telnet in costs and translated to efficiency gains for the company, but a recent upgrade to the company’s Exchange licenses has meant further savings of over NZD$12,000, says Litmos.

A recent upgrade to Telnet’s Exchange server saw the company moving a number of employees who didn’t need external email from Microsoft Exchange to a Litmos messaging system.

Telnet IT Manager Steve Hennerley says in switching a number of email users to Litmos the company has made significant savings. “We’ve also reduced risk to the business by limiting the number of staff who have the ability to send and receive personal emails through the company’s email server”.

Litmos CEO Rich Chetwynd, says the Telnet example is one of many companies that are beginning to appreciate the benefits of an integrated on-line training product.

“We have designed a system that cuts costs, is easy to use, and can be readily adapted to the needs of each individual organisation. It is faster and cheaper to implement than systems from our competitors abroad.”

“As an outcome, the demand for Litmos is increasing as organisations look to improve productivity and cut costs,” says Chetwynd.

Version 2.5 Release – Ready to Roll

Yes, you heard me right, it’s all systems go!

Litmos Version 2.5 is ready and will go live, ahead of schedule, this weekend. You may experience some website down-time on Saturday 31st January but hopefully it won’t take long.

The best part of any software upgrade is unveiling the new features. Here is a list of what to expect from Version 2.5:

  • eCommerce: Payment Integration through PayPal
  • Student auto-sign up with payment
  • Upload M4V files
  • Colour Scheme – a little less green in Assessments and Course Titles
  • Flash Movies can now be uploaded in to Assessment Info Pages
  • Add comments when marking Assessments, that will be visible to the trainee
  • When manual marking is required, a trainee will see their Assessment status as ‘Pending’
  • Trainers can now see how much time a trainee has spent watching a video, flash file or PowerPoint presentation

eCommerce: Sell Your Litmos Courses using PayPal

It’s official – eCommerce and student auto-sign up is available in the new version!

eCommerce gives you the tools to attach a price to a course, and take payment via PayPal. All you need is a PayPal Business account. This also means the sign-up for new paying students will be automated so there’s no need to set up the users who pay for your courses.

Litmos Version 2.5 goes live this weekend.

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