Latest Litmos FAQ's

How can I unlock an assessment so a trainee can re-sit it? How can I set it so the trainee only has to re-sit incorrectly answered questions?

To unlock an assessment for a trainee just go to the Reports section, then go to the Report called Assessment Results. Choose the course you want from the drop down menu and then click Run Report.

You will see a list of trainees assigned to the course, view their results and be able to unlock, re-assign courses/questions at this point.

Can students pay my course fee through my own site which uses Pay Pal? Then receive an instant username and password?

Yes, this feature is already available, it just requires a little configuration of your Paypal account which we can help you with.

Your fee is a set $/month amount per user – are there any fees additional to this?

The only additional fee applies when your video storage exceeds 1GB (that equates to approximately 10 x 30min videos). After you exceed 1GB we charge $5/month flat rate per extra GB.

Should the student’s system crash, is work they have done to that point saved somewhere for them?

The Litmos system is backed up daily. If a student’s own computer crashes during an assessment they will be able to resume from the last question they answered, likewise with the training modules they may have viewed.