Litmos eCommerce Releases EUR and CAD

the Euro and the Canadian dollarThe eCommerce features within Litmos offer learning professionals the opportunity to advertise and sell courses they create within our system. The features include a course listing page which automatically populates with eCommerce enabled courses, student self-sign up and payment processing which means it’s as low-touch as you want it to be.

For some time now we’ve supported price tags in multi-currency – GBP, USD, AUD and NZD. But just this week we have opened it up further with the addition of the euro (EUR) and the Canadian Dollar (CAD).

This means you now have six different currencies to choose from when you’re pricing your courses, meaning one more barrier has been removed from between you and your potential students who may want to pay in their own moola.

Check our Help Guide for more information on setting up your eCommerce.