Litmos v2.5 released!

We’re happy to say that version 2.5 has been successfully released today!

In this release you will find the following updates and new features.

  • eCommerce: You can allow students to self signup and pay via PayPal for your courses!
  • Student auto-sign up with payment
  • Upload M4V files
  • Colour Scheme – a little less green in Assessments and Course Titles
  • Flash Movies can now be uploaded in to Assessment Info Pages
  • Add comments when marking Assessments, that will be visible to the trainee
  • When manual marking is required, a trainee will see their Assessment status as ‘Pending’
  • Trainers can now see how much time a trainee has spent watching a video, flash file or PowerPoint presentation

Stay tuned for some future blog posts that explain how to make the most of the new features.