New Updates and Feature Adds

We are starting to pump out lots of new features and changes all over the place. We have added four new features to Litmos over the weekend to help make your LMS experience just a bit easier.

First, if you have logged into the system recently (in the last 48 hours) you are bound to notice some things are a bit different.  Some of the new changes include new icons, new  labels (for example, in the Recently viewed on the Dashboard) and a few other cosmetic changes.


In addition to adding changes to the desktop and laptop user interface, Litmos on the iPad has even more changes.  The iPad version has been updated to reflect the desktop and laptop user interface to enforce branding and give administrators more power and more reporting functionality while using an iPad.iPad

Next, one of the most used modules by Litmos customers is the video module.  Therefore, we strive for the best user experience possible when viewing videos.  Now, when users view a video, if they exit out of the module half way through, it will remember where they were.  When they access the video again it will bring them to where they left off without the need to scrub through the video.

ILT-SeatsAnd last but not least.  The instructor lead training (ILT) module now has built in seat capacity.

What does this mean for administrators?  Administrators can set seat capacity for a session, when that session has reached capacity, they can quickly see that it is full within the module or drill in to see how many seats are left.

What does this mean for learners?  Only sessions that have seats open will be available.  Therefore, they will not be able to sign up for full courses.

What about ecommerce?  Learners purchasing an ILT course will only be able to view and sign up for live courses that are not full.

If you have a suggestion for a Litmos feature, visit our suggestion page,  Your suggestion may be our next new feature!