Our Litmos upgrade is now live!

The highly anticipated upgrade to the Litmos learning management system is now live!

If you have an account with us, just log in and you will see your shiny new Dashboard feeding you more information about overall account activity than you ever could see before.

If you don’t have an account with us yet, please sign up for a free 14 day trial account to see what all the excitement about.

Litmos enhancements as of this upgrade:

Desktop Browser


  • New system terminology – Learner and Administrator
  • Customize the Complete / Incomplete course terminology via the Account area
  • Search boxes everywhere
  • Improved navigation on learner side
  • Improved course library on learner side
  • Enhanced admin Dashboard now shows activity feed, eCommerce information, recently viewed people and courses, plus much more
  • Bulk learner imports now do field mapping rather than use our template
  • Ability to update a Video, PowerPoint, Audio or Flash module rather than delete and upload a new one
  • New user profiles, activity feed and extra fields like adress, employee id, Twitter etc.
  • New results override so admins can manually update the results of a module / course
  • Better linking between learners, teams and courses on admin side to make it easier to drill down
  • 100% customization of email templates.
  • Greater control over when email notifications are sent
  • Course listing widget no longer displayed on course listing page
  • New overall courses complete pie chart in Reports
  • Admins can now download learner certificates from their profiles


Mobile Browser

  • Big improvements to the mobile device user interface (UI)
  • Litmos assessment modules are now available on mobile
  • Litmos survey modules are also available
  • Offline mode for assessment modules