Setting up high quality streaming video

Up until now the Litmos training platform has supported video but we have restricted the size of the video to be quite small.

There are a few reasons for restricting video size but really it boils down to the infrastructure required to run high quality, high performance video to the end user through any web browser. Technically, it’s quite tricky to setup, and also due to the nature of video files generally being quite large there is also increased bandwidth and storage costs involved.

Take a look around at other training platforms on the market and you will find that not many are doing video very well as they all suffer from the same issues.

It’s time for a change!

In order for Litmos to retain its position as a leading training delivery platform we really need to step up the game in the video department, so that’s exactly what we’ve done!

The Litmos team have been working hard recently to make high quality video a reality. What this means for the trainers out there is the current restrictions for video size will be dramatically increased to 100MB.

What does this all mean?

The main benefit of our video upgrade is the capability to offer streaming (progressive download) video to the trainee similar to that of YouTube, Blip.Tv, and Vimeo.

No longer will the the user/trainee have to wait for the entire video to download. It will play seamlessly as it downloads using flash which is currently installed in over 96% of the worlds web browsers.

The Litmos video upgrade is schedule to roll out by the end of August ’08.

Stay Tuned!