So tell me about the Litmos LMS?

Sometimes I write an email and think that this information should really be explained better on our website or perhaps even the blog. So here’s my email response to a few high level questions about Litmos.

I hope this helps if you’re taking the first steps in finding a new LMS.

1) Will we be able to host the system ourselves?

Litmos is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based LMS that’s accessible online, anytime.

You will find many installable LMS products around but they all have lengthy setup/installation processes, require ongoing software updates and an IT team to manage the servers they are hosted on.

In contrast you can get your Litmos LMS up and running within minutes, we take care of the hosting/IT and you also benefit from regular feature upgrades such as mobile access.

2) Is Litmos secure?
With regards to security, all Litmos accounts are password protected and must be accessed over bank level SSL from a web browser. Our servers are hosted at Rackspace, a world leader in hosting and we do daily offsite backups of students records/results.

3) Is Litmos open source?
Litmos is not open source but we are SCORM certified. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with SCORM or not but it is a standard for allowing any compliant elearning content to work with any compliant LMS. As a general rule, being SCORM certified should be a consideration when selecting an LMS.

4) Can Litmos be integrated with other systems?

Yes. Using our API we have clients connecting various in-house systems to Litmos to manage user accounts, access training results etc. We also have automated report exporting that enables the easy export of custom formatted data to complex systems such as SAP.