Team Leader – New Permission Level in Litmos

screenshot of the ‘Team Leader’ role in the lms

We’re happy to announce the release of the new ‘Team Leader’ role in the Litmos Learning Management System. This much-requested permission level sits squarely in between a regular ‘Trainee’ and a ‘Training Administrator’ and fulfills a very specific purpose.

The Team Leader cannot create or edit training courses but they can create users in their own teams or new teams, assign training to those teams/users, and monitor their progress. Team Leaders are especially useful when you have a large organizational structure and you need to delegate responsibility and accountability to people located within particular branches, departments or geographic regions.

One of the most important points here is that Team Leaders can access the reporting information and results of their own people and teams which means they can do all the chasing if people start trailing behind.

For more information on the Team Leader permission level and to see some screen shots check out this article on our Help Guide: How Do Team Leaders Work?

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