Your Questions Answered this Week!

In case you missed some of our new posts on our Help Desk Blog, here are the following common questions that the Litmos team received last week. Take a moment to review them, they may answer some questions or inquiries you have had when using your Litmos LMS!

How to use different languages in Litmos?

By default the Litmos Learning Management System interface is in English. However, there are some core places within our system where the text can be replaced with your own custom text in another language, or more than one language if desired. Plus, don’t forget that all of the actual learning content that you upload to be a part of your courses can be produced in the language of your choice.

To check out where you can adjust our text or add your own custom text, please sign in to your Litmos account, then go to the ‘Account’ tab and select ‘Messages & Labels’ from the sub-tabs. Here you will see all of the text and email customization options.

How do I change my account name?

To update the name of your Litmos account just log in and go to the ‘Account’ tab. Then under the ‘Profile’ tab you can change it in the ‘Account Name’ field at the top of the page.

How do I edit the compliant date of a learner’s result?

You can edit a learner’s result including the compliant date by going to the “Courses” tab. Once there, you can open a course and select the “People” sub-tab to locate the learner and click on the edit result link.

Then select the module you would like to edit and click edit. The next window that appears will be where you can edit the compliant date for the learner.

How do I upload my logo?

When you sign up for a Litmos trial account you can select a logo to upload or you can skip the logo and upload it later on.

To upload or change your logo in your Litmos account please go to the Account section and select the Theme tab.

The recommended size for your logo is a maximum of:

65px high x 200px wide

If the logo you upload is greater than the recommended size it will be automatically scaled down.

Also, keep your eye out for a new Help Desk feature coming out shortly that will help you get the answers to your questions even faster!