The Ultimate Mobile Learning Video Production Studio


Earlier this year I attended CES2016 (Read more here, and here.) and discovered some very cool new tech. One of my favorites was not ready to ship until February. And once it arrived I was not disappointed.

The Training and Development industry talks a lot about mobile learning in the sense that mobile devices are great tools for delivering training content. But today’s mobile devices have become incredibly powerful mobile production studios. On there own, you can point them at the action and get some incredible video footage. And with a few quick taps and swipes you can edit that video a little, or import it into your favorite video app and edit it a lot. But you will quickly begin to realize that, while the phones are pretty good on their own, you will want to kick the quality up a notch or two. And this is where my favorite CES2016 discovery comes in handy.

The Studio case by olloclip immediately caught my attention in their booth at CES2016. I tried to buy it right then but it was not yet shipping in January. Most of the cool products at CES were not shipping at the time. It’s an event for announcements and demos of what is coming soon. And thankfully I didn’t have to wait very long for this. I was hoping it would arrive before my trip to London for the Learning Technologies 2016 event, but no such luck. However, it was waiting for me when I got home.

This morning I did a spontaneous, LIVE, “unboxing” on Watch the video below to understand why I like it so much for video production.

The rig I’ve been using until now was great but it was not as sturdy as I would like a setup like this to be. As you can see in the video, the clip attachments secure nicely to the case securing the phone to a tripod in either landscape or portrait mode, as well as 2 cold shoes for mounting a light and an external mic.

I’m using the Rode Videomic Pro ($189) and a small LED light ($22) on my cold shoes. There is also a very clever handle that gives you a better grip on the unit when your shooting video of yourself, vlog-style, on the go. And the 4-in-1 iPhone lens attachment also fits perfectly on the case as well. It truly is a very convenient way to produce mobile videos a step above what your device can achieve on its own.

In March I’ll be at SXSW Interactive and putting this rig to the test of event vlogging. I’m looking forward to sharing a lot of video from Austin. Be sure to follow my Litmos Youtube channel if you want to stay updated.

And don’t forget about the C3 event this year. It’s going to be bigger and better than ever!