How to launch a successful mobile learning strategy

This post is the introduction to a mobile learning guest post series by Litmos Founder Rich Chetwynd (@richchetwynd)

According to Gartner, mobile usage is set to explode in 2010 with over 1.2 billion getting hands on with web capable handsets.

The implications for mobile based learning are huge and there is certainly a ground swell of companies looking at setting up some form of mobile learning content. The problem is for many companies turning a great mobile idea into reality can be costly, complicated and often set to fail before they even really get off the ground.

In many ways going mobile is the new frontier and while there are new mobile learning conferences and experienced mobile learning experts out there, in general terms this really still is an unexplored world.

In this series of blog posts, rather than explore mobile learning theory or instructional design for mobile we will focus on some ideas to help make your mobile projects a success with wide user adoption. I will also help you filter down your grand plans for world mobile learning domination to something more achievable and provide some ideas on how you can increase your chances of executing a successful mobile campaign.