MIT gets the jump on Mobile Learning #mlearning

Another indicator of just how massive mobile learning is going to be, is the MITappinventor_logo Media Lab announcing on 16 August that they are creating the MIT Center for Mobile Learning, with funding gifted from Google Education. The press release says it will be ‘dedicated to transforming education and learning through innovation in mobile computing’.

The Media Lab’s new director Joichi Ito says “The Media Lab has always been about creativity – not only developing new technologies, but getting them out to the world in ways that positively impact people’s lives.[..] Our new Center for Mobile Learning continues this tradition, empowering people everywhere to create, invent, and learn with their mobile devices.”

Being a college there is a big focus on educational technology, and considering Google’s involvement in the funding side it follows they will start with a focus on App Inventor for Android. That and one of the three co-directors of the mobile learning center is Hal Abelson, the guy who sparked the idea for App Inventor.

Exciting times in the mobile learning space! If you’re looking for an LMS with mobile accessibility check out the Litmos mobile learning page to find out more.