Mobile learning comes to Litmos

This is a preview of the new mobile version of the Litmos LMS running some Articulate QuizMaker Flash content on the Google NexusOne phone.

What makes this video so special is not only that we are starting to reveal the new mobile interface for Litmos but we think we’re one of the first LMS vendors to demonstrate SCORM tracking of Flash content on a mobile device.

This is something we have been planning for a while but we have been waiting on the recent release of Android 2.2 which is Google’s mobile operating system.

What can you expect in Litmos mobile?

The first release which is scheduled for June 2010 will focus on making content available to students on-the-go. Later on we will release admin features for monitoring reports etc.

Currently it is possible for students to:

  • Listen to audio/mp3
  • Watch videos
  • Complete SCORM packages

And as you would expect all of the content is tracked back into Litmos.

What phones will Litmos mobile work on?

We haven’t finalized our list of supported mobile devices yet but we’ve tried to keep it as accessible as possible for all phones with modern web browsers. By making Litmos mobile available via the phone’s web browser rather than it being an installed “native app” our goal is to make your content available to a large range of mobile devices.

What’s next…

One of the main issues we have had so far is looking for mobile-optimized content but we think this will become more available as the mobile learning revolution strengthens. Over the coming weeks we will be continuing to search for and test various content so that we can offer more video demos and put together a guide for building awesome mobile courses.

We will also be adding other Litmos modules like surveys and assessments, adding offline access and looking in to using the mobile devices GPS location features to provide courses based on location or at least track where students are when they are learning on-the-go.

Stay tuned for more..

– Guest post from Rich Chetwynd