Mobile Learning #dl09

I learned a little more about the Merrill Lynch pilot mobile learning program (called GoLearn) that was so successful a few years back.

The pilot involved 2100 Investment Bankers and the course created was focused around compliance content. It was rolled out on the BlackBerry with the necessary design configurations, and the results that came back were amazingly positive as I mentioned in my previous post:

  • Everyone who completed the course did so in less time and with better results
  • A survey that was packaged up with the course found that 99% of the users felt the format was conducive to learning
  • 82% completed there course (which was of approximately 45 minutes duration) outside of the 9-5pm window – which equates to a 100% time saving for the company
  • Everyone wanted more courses

The only downfall was that Merrill Lynch did not plan for such high success and didn’t have the budget to fulfill the demand from other departments as a result of the intital rollout.

A few other interesting things to note about design considerations was that the course would bookmark if the learner received a call in the middle of training, so they could pick up from where they left off. The course could also be completed in an offline mode (such as flight mode) and the data stored so that it would sync when re-connected.