Support Employee I-want-to-do Moments


Lately I’ve been following their Think With Google site They share great insights. As you might guess, Google has some excellent data on user habits. One of their latest articles is titled “I Want-to-Do Moments: From Home to Beauty”. At first glance you may not think this article would apply to the work you do. But it does.

Here’s some data that might change your mind.

“Of smartphone users, 91% turn to their devices for ideas while completing a task.”

“More than 100M hours of how-to content have been watched in North America so far this year.”

Let’s assume that 100% of your target audience own smartphones. How are you supporting this moment of need? This may not be a training problem, but it does relate to workplace performance. And in 21st century organizations employee performance is what training departments measure. Measuring a positive change in employee performance speaks to business value your training department provides.

Outside the workplace video and other media play seamlessly across mobile devices. You employees expect this type of access to the content they need when they need it. You may not have control of your company’s enterprise social network, or other systems for sharing content, but you do have control over your choice of LMS. And more importantly, you have control over how learning content is designed, and developed.

The Google provides us a window to look into the minds of our employees and see how their content needs are being met outside the workplace. Your Learning Management System should be able to meet this need. You don’t need one system for desktop courses and another system for mobile content. A mobile enabled LMS like Litmos can handle the conversions for you.

There is no need for training solutions that are specific to mobile devices. Yes, mobile devices are smaller, require connectivity, and have touch screens instead of a keyboard and mouse. But if you design your course content with a mobile mindset first, and you have an LMS designed for mobile, then you’re already doing mobile learning.

Read the entire article from Think With Google. The connection to corporate training is clear. Employees have I want-to-do moments both inside and outside the workplace. The Google data is telling us their needs are being met outside the workplace, but would the data be the same inside your company? If not, then you need to consider an mobile enabled SaaS based LMS.