High Tech Businesses Choose an LMS Fit for Purpose and Future Ready

SITA soars with Litmos

Do you enjoy traveling? When you haven’t been to the airport in a while it can be an exciting experience leading up to the flight. But then you arrive at the airport and the reality of travel beats you down. Some airports are worse than others. And to be fair, it’s not always such a grinding experience. But when a 5 hour drive sounds more appealing than a short flight, you realize the airline industry has room for improvement. The long lines and constant waiting leave you plenty of time to contemplate how technology might solve this problem.

Cruising at 30,000 feet and trapped with strangers offers you time to ponder how all those flights in air, the ones on the ground, and the ones taking off in all 50 states and internationally, stay in a synchronized symphony? You can access your airline reservation on your smart phone, check in, check your bag, and obtain your boarding pass, all in the palm of your hand; no more paper tickets to misplace on the bottom of your carry-on, just swipe your phone and you’re through security. Perhaps you have your boarding pass on your phone and you just need to drop your bag, but the check-in line is epic. Instead, you cruise up to a kiosk, enter your confirmation number, check your bag, and your bag tag prints outs before you can put your phone back into your carry-on. You attach your tag to your bag, you drop it off, and you’re cruising through security.

After having these thoughts for many years it’s nice to finally discover the organization behind making it all happen, and improving it every day. The group is called SITA. Nearly every passenger flight relies on SITA technology. Their extensive network forms the “communication backbone” of the global air transport industry.

As an example of their impact, a recent study showed that 88% of airports worldwide plan to implement self bag tagging by 2018. You might just leave that data right there and be happy about your future travel plans being less complicated. Or you could wonder, like I do, “hhhmmm… how the heck are they going to train everyone?” I know you were thinking that too!

One of the reasons I love working in the training industry is that I love learning. Every day is filled with a new story of problem solving, applying technology to training, and success stories within interesting industries. Learning about SITA this week has given me a much broader understanding of an industry that I think we all take for granted. Knowing that I work in an industry that has a direct impact on another industry is gratifying.

Here is a company that is high tech and looking towards the future of travel. They are driving complexity out of the airline travel process by automating your experience. They understand technology infrastructure, mobile devices, communication, the importance of an easy to use interface, and a frictionless customer experience. With all of their technical knowledge and experience they chose the Litmos platform to manage the training of over 7,000 employees. The video below is a short but interesting look into their world and why Litmos matters to them.