Awesome news for the future of your favorite LMS

Today we’re really excited to announce that Litmos has been acquired by Callidus Software Inc (NASDAQ: CALD) a premier SaaS company in the US!

Rich Chetwynd our founder & CEO had this to say;

“We are excited to join the Callidus family of SaaS solutions and look forward to continuing to innovate our product to deliver the best online learning system on the market, Callidus global coverage, dedication to SaaS, and operational maturity will allow us to be even more effective in delivering outstanding customer service and innovative solutions to our growing base of satisfied customers. With half of our clients in the United States, Callidus is the perfect environment to nurture our future growth in the rapid LMS and Mobile Learning markets.”

So will anything change?

Well you can rest assured that the same friendly team will be running the show, but one big change is that the core Litmos team will be relocating from Auckland, New Zealand to San Francisco, USA. This is awesome news as it’s going to make it soooooo much easier for us to support our growing US customer base and also make it really easy for us to attend lots more of the industry events to hang out with our elearning buddies. Callidus also has a global reach meaning more people on the ground in more countries which is a big win for our customers in New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.

Finally, with the backing of a strong SaaS company like Callidus we will have the ability to grow the team which, other than just making it an even more fun place to work :-), will also result in faster development times for many of the new features that we want to build into Litmos for you.

We can’t wait to work with the smart minds at Callidus and continue to innovate in the mobile and learning management system space.

If you’re interested you can find the official press release here