Litmos Launches AI Assistant to Improve Training Outcomes

Litmos’ new solution will facilitate a more efficient and meaningful learning experience for customers

May 16 2024, San Francisco, CA – Litmos, a leading corporate learning solutions provider to over 4,000 companies and 30 million learners, today announced the expansion of its learning management portfolio with the upcoming launch of the Litmos AI Assistant. The new tool leverages generative AI to improve knowledge sharing, recall, summarization, clarification, course recommendations, and assignment – giving greater access to knowledge to improve individual, L&D administrator, team, and organizational performance.

Industry research reveals that time constraints are a major obstacle to training, with employees typically dedicating only about one percent of their work week to professional development. To directly address this industry challenge, Litmos’ generative AI-powered assistant focuses on ways that all users – including admins, managers, and learners – can be more efficient, surface needed information quicker, and access more targeted learning materials needed to perform their jobs. In addition to the Litmos Training Content collection, the tool is designed to give customers full control of what information is fed to the AI Assistant. This enables admins to upload their own proprietary training materials, including SCORM files, company handbooks, etc., all to a secure environment.

“Litmos is deepening its commitment to innovation in learning technology to enhance the training experience for learners, managers, and admins,” shares Tommy Richardson, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Litmos. “Our AI Assistant, featuring generative AI, is just the beginning of how we plan to revolutionize workplace learning. As we expand our proprietary AI infrastructure, we are excited to introduce more cutting-edge solutions to our customers, further enriching the Litmos experience.”

Key benefits and applications of the AI Assistant include:

  • Enhanced Learning Efficiency: The Litmos AI Assistant significantly enhances learning efficiency. For instance, if a learner struggles to remember key details from a training course already completed, they no longer need to retake the entire course to find the information. Instead, they can pose questions using natural language prompts to the AI Assistant and receive instant answers, saving time, and increasing productivity.
  • Streamlined Course Management for Admins: For administrators, the AI Assistant streamlines the process of course management. It enables quick and efficient course discovery by providing summaries and helping select the ideal course based on learner needs. The AI Assistant facilitates seamless course assignment and course completion analytics through an interactive chat interface, enhancing the overall productivity in learning and development processes.
  • Control of Content: The AI Assistant allows admins to have in-depth control over which courses are loaded into the AI assistant and if learners can ask questions of the courses before they complete the course.

In light of Litmos’ commitment to ethical AI and data privacy, the AI Assistant is powered by Litmos’ proprietary AI infrastructure, and just like Litmos customer data today, the AI Assistant keeps customer data secure and private. Unlike public AI products, all data is protected and not shared outside the customer’s tenant, allowing for secure uploading of customer content including training courses, training aides, employee handbooks and more, without concern for content leaks. This infrastructure is GDPR, SOC II, CCPA compliant.

Litmos is in the process of beta testing the AI Assistant and plans to make it generally available this year. For more information and updates on the product launch, visit or sign up to receive updates on the upcoming launch.