Online Training Platform ‘Litmos’ Releases Version 3.0 in to the Wild

The last few months have seen New Zealand-based software company Litmos pushing their online training product to new heights.

Litmos, an online platform that enables trainers to deliver web-based courses, has been on the market for over two years, but never before have they received the kind of attention as in the past 6 months. Customer numbers look to be on an exponential increase as companies scramble to save dollars by moving to hosted online services.

CEO Rich Chetwynd says “It’s amazing how quickly the connection has been made between moving training online and dramatically reducing training and development costs. Classroom-based courses are a thing of the past; the future is blended learning and online training”.

Litmos has just released a brand new website along with Version 3.0 of their training platform which has a fresh new look and feel. A more intuitive interface, new audio modules, easy bulk trainee set up and course assignment are just some of the improvements you can expect to see. Litmos continues to offer companies a way to save money, but also now enables individuals to sell their courses and create an additional revenue stream. Chetwynd says “In this recessive market, any business that offers people a way to reduce costs and make money is definitely in a win-win situation.”