5 Great Social Learning Resources

It’s been talked about for years, but ‘Social Learning’ is more recently becoming the big buzz word in learning, and you should probably pay attention because it’s being pegged as the next generation of eLearning (heavily debated of course, as is everything in learning).

My definition of ‘social learning’ as I understand it is learning that takes place through the use of a collection of web-based tools like wikis, blogs, and social networks which build community and conversation around a topic encouraging a collaborative knowledge sharing environment. There’s a fair amount of literature coming out regarding what it actually means for learning, how effective it is and will be, security considerations and many other interesting arguments for and against.

I’ve just chosen 5 recent social learning resources /articles to share that I’ve found really interesting of late (in no particular order):

That’s not really 5, it’s more like 7, and then there’s such an amazing web of links within these articles that you really could be busy reading for days on end. Enjoy!