Calling All Learning Professionals on Twitter

LrnchatThere’s a great group on Twitter called #lrnchat that meet every week to talk ‘learning’. Learning technology, instructional design, semantics – you name it, it gets discussed.

Each week questions are submitted to the Lrnchat blog and one is chosen to be the topic of discussion for the chat time which happens every Thursday night 8:30-10pm EST / 5:30-7pm PST.

If you’re on Twitter and interested in learning, eLearning, online learning or anything related, make sure to visit their blog and find some of the key organizers and follow them. That way you’ll know it’s on when you start seeing your Twitter stream filled with the #lrnchat hashtag.

Although I haven’t been actively involved in the chat yet, I really enjoy reading their discussion comments as they sail by and always make sure to catch up on the conversation at a more convenient time for me by using the Twitter search function. Sometimes the conversation gets pretty heated and other times it’s downright hilarious.

Whatever happens, you’re bound to learn something.

Oh and I’m on Twitter here: @schnicker