Create Explainer Videos for Your eLearning – FAST, FREE

Have you heard of Adobe Voice yet? If not…then, you’re welcome!

Adobe Voice - Create fast, easy, free, explainer videos.

Adobe Voice – Create fast, easy, free, explainer videos.

At a time when video content continues to grow, and the learning industry debates the validity of templates, Adobe launches one of the coolest iPad apps I’ve found in a long time called Voice.  If you own an iPad download it now. ITS FREE! Thanks Adobe!

Storytelling is a pretty hot topic these days. It’s always been an important part of communicating and learning throughout the ages, but for some reason we are only now paying attention to it as a learning tool. And it’s the predefined storytelling structure provided in Voice that I find so powerful.  You’ll notice in the image that I’ve highlighted the “Teach a Lesson” structure. I think even the most hardcore academic will approve of the structure from an instructional design perspective.

The creators are strong believers in the power of the spoken word and so recording your own voice is a big part of the tool. No professional studio or voiceover talent required. The tool even does a little voice processing to make you sound like a pro.

I could tell you more about it, but I’ll let the creators tell you themselves in the video below.

Explainer videos are a great concept made popular a few years ago by creatives like CommonCraft. Voice makes it simple and FUN to create your own. There are other YouTube videos discussing Voice, so check those out too.

Don’t be surprised if you see a few explainer videos in the coming weeks.  And let me know if you create any explainer videos for your own elearning courses. I’d love to hear about how you use Voice in your corporate training.