2015 Top eLearning Blog Posts


2015 was a great year for Litmos.com and the eLearning Blog. As we reflect on the past year, the Litmos team would like to highlight the most popular post from each month and recognize the efforts of our blog contributors.

It’s been interesting to review the entire year of blog posts to see what has resonated with the eLearning community. It was a diverse year with topics ranging from design and blended learning, to technology and management. We hope you have enjoyed the blog this year and as always we look forward to your feedback and contributions.

January – Tips for Creating a Rockstar Customer Training Department

by Brent Schlenker

Building a Rockstar Customer Training Department

February – Managers and Makers – A New Adventure in Instructional Design

by Ant Pugh

something new small

March – The Learning Zone: Stepping Away from Comfort Zone

by Brent Schlenker


April – Subject Matter Experts: The Heroes of the Training World

by Brent Schlenker


May – 10 Tips to Evaluate Your Ongoing Training Strategy

by Christopher Pappas


June – 7 Top Blended Learning Benefits for Corporate Training

by Christopher Pappas


July – Instructional Video Production: Recording, Editing, Publishing, Streaming

by Brent Schlenker


August – The Rise of the Training-preneur

by Brent Schlenker


September – Top 5 Tips for Producing Microlearning Videos

by Tom Spiglanin


October – An Instructional Design Process Review

by Clark Quinn


November – 10 New Learning Technologies

by Clark Quinn


December – Artificial Intelligent Instructional Design

by Brent Schlenker