Best Tools for eLearning Video Production

best elearning video production tools Using video in eLearning allows for unlimited creativity with your training material. One of many advantages with this methodology is the ability to really jazz up your presentation with bells and whistles that will help engage your learner. Paying attention to fine details throughout the production will give you a good training on a video platform. We have some tips to help you at each phase of your video production.

Pre-Production Tools

Developing strong presentation material is an important aspect of pre-production. In a live training, presenters typically make notes or bullets and then present around them. For a video production, having a script is critical. You want to be clear and concise while ensuring that you don’t eliminate any details. There are a number of pre-production tools that you might find helpful.

  • Adobe Story– software that will help generating scripts and plan your entire production.
  • Final Draft– this handy software can be used on a desktop, or an app for mobile versions. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows.
  • Celtx– a tool to help write scripts and put together storyboards.


Production Tips

During the production stage, two aspects you want to watch closely are your light and sound. If these two pieces are not good quality, the whole video will suffer. Here are a few keys that will help you capture good light and sound:

  • Before you start filming, record some silence on your set. If you are outside of a professional studio, there will be other sounds that you will need to mask. Being aware of them early on will be very helpful.
  • Don’t rely on the camera’s microphone. You’ll want one that as close to the speaker’s mouth as possible.
  • Record more than one take if time permits. You can select the best one during editing.
  • Outside a studio, natural light is most desirable. Having studio lights on hand can help you balance out shadows


Post-production Tools

The post-production phase is one of the most fun parts of creating eLearning videos. Here you have a chance to creatively put all of your pieces together into the final product. You can do your editing on a MAC, PC, or mobile device. Most professional video technicians prefer to use a MAC, but the choice is entirely up to you. Regardless of which approach you take, there are a number of tools that can simplify this step.

  • Adobe Captivate– this robust tool can hold your video as well as any activities or interactive elements you wish to incorporate. It’s as easy to use as PowerPoint.
  • CyberLink PowerDirector– this editing software is only available for Windows. It allows you to edit any type of video, even those with chromakey.
  • Splice– this mobile app allows for easy video editing.


Hopefully some of these tips and tools will help point you in the right direction for creating interesting and effective eLearning videos. Taking the time to make a good quality video will allow you to reap the benefits of not having to deliver the same training over and over. You and your learners can enjoy the flexibility of this eLearning platform.