Getting to Know Your Colleagues in Learning – A Video Interview with Laura Renaud

GettingDo you ever feel alone in the work that you do? Learning and Development roles within the enterprise can be lonely. And it’s not always easy to reach out to others following a similar career path despite social media tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
Working in L&D is a lonely existence. I’ve heard about it for many years and experienced it for many more. Thanks to my extroverted personality, I found blogging and social media as the perfect vehicle for connecting to my colleagues in learning.  But I know many introverts in our field who still struggle. So, in an effort to help make the L&D world a little smaller for everyone, I’ve decided to start an interview series with…well… all of YOU!

More on the details around this project later.  For now, I’ll introduce you to Laura Renaud. I interviewed her at the ATD Valley of the Sun Chapter Annual Conference. She is the conference director and a practicing L&D professional.

And by the way, the event was outstanding! The greater Phoenix area has a large population of L&D professionals, and I hope to get to know them all.