European Litmos Education Webinar Series

Don’t Miss Out – It’s The European Litmos Education Webinar Series!

Webinar for Learning Management System

Hot off the back of the first Litmos Education Webinar that went out yesterday to a packed audience, we are pleased to announce that we will also be running a second opportunity to join and learn more about Litmos.  Every other Tuesday our UK based team will be providing a further Litmos Education Webinar Series especially for our European and African timezone customers.

Many of our customers dive right into Litmos and make great use of the features, often covering a lot of ground from the off. We encourage use of our help forum, support guides, blog and now our education webinars to gain tips, tricks and clear contextual examples on how to achieve success. 

As a reminder, the future webinars and topics will be announced through our blog, email signatures and monthly newsletter. If in doubt or for any additional information, please contact

Our kick off webinar, Getting Learners into Litmos is taking place on 29th July at 10:00am GMT.  Here we will go over the various ways to get learners into your system including manual, bulk import, and self sign-up options.

To join the kick off webinar on 29th July at 10:00am GMT Register here.

We look forward to seeing you there!