A Comparison of E-Learning Platforms

As companies look to the future, they are eager to improve efficiency and efficacy. It is important to remain mindful of how best to move towards that vision. One step might be to convert your corporate training program to an e-Learning platform. Such a move would bring benefits such as employees’ access to training resources, cost reduction of training materials and on-site instructors, and increased employee engagement. You want to be successful, so what do other successful companies choose?

Businesses such as Coca-Cola, YouTube, and Sears choose Litmos to provide a state-of-the-art e-Learning Platform which provides:

  • Immediate access to over 1,000 business and focused courses
  • Courses presented person-to-person by top subject matter experts
  • Mobile access to cloud-based training accessible anytime
  • Short courses, clear objectives
  • Immersive learning
  • Automatic booster trainings to improve efficiency

As with so many things, seeing is believing. A live demo of Litmos can show you some of the many features you can bring to your HR department. An investment in an E-Learning platform is an investment of your resources and an investment of your trust. You can depend on Litmos; see for yourself today.