With Litmos You Can Have Both Employee Training and Productivity

In the evolution of technology across the board, continuous learning for employees have never been so critical for organizational success. With that in mind, and without compromising employee productivity, online learning and learning management is assuming an important role in learning organizations. An online training management platform considerably reduces the travel and other associated costs that goes with classroom-based training sessions, while subsequently increasing employee productivity.

Social concepts like wikis, blogs, social networks and microblogs couple with an LMS, transforms it into a more dynamic offering for the teacher/learner. It also gives the learner a voice to contribute, share their knowledge and become part of a collaborative learning program.

The advancements in eLearning systems proves that LMS software caters to both productivity and employee training in equal measure. Litmos is the easiest to use online training management platform that drives both employee training and productivity.

Litmos makes it easy to manage and deliver web-based training courses. Employee training vs productivity? Litmos mobile learning supports both!

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Performance Evaluation Reviews

Employee evaluation comments are extremely valuable for individuals who are liable for evaluating employees that work under them. Constructing powerful performance phrases can be a bit challenging for some people. In this article, I will provide you with some employee evaluation comments that you will be able to use next time you need to administer a review.

Employee evaluation comments are a critical part in today’s professional settings. The Human Resources department along with the employee’s manager are usually the responsible parties of an employee’s performance on an annual basis. Every company has a different systematic approach to the way they handle performance evaluation reviews and comments in order to evaluate their employees strengths and weaknesses. Many times, the HR department has the employee fill out a self-evaluation form, that usually allows the manager to see what their employee thinks about himself or herself. Below are several employee evaluation comments you can choose from to use in your evaluation:

  • Time Management and Punctuality
  • Stress Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership and Team Building

The more you know from your employees, the lower your risk of employee turnover, compliance fines, and costly re-hiring expenses. Every year companies pay out millions in legal fees for HR-related claims. Educating employees on expected standards and professional conduct is the first step in ensuring that your company and its staff don’t become another statistic.