Learn more about learning management systems software

Learning management system software is a powerful and robust tool for delivering and tracking the eLearning activities of your organization. Many training departments actually dislike their learning management system (LMS) because it is cumbersome and not intuitive. Others are unhappy with the reporting features available. Selecting the right LMS for your business is an important decision. Looking at some of the major LMS technical differences can help you love (not hate) your LMS.

Self- and Vendor-Hosted LMS Options

One of the big decisions an organization will make up front is who is going to host the learning management systems software. Do you want to take a piece of software and make it fully customized for your individual’s needs? Or can you use an off-the-shelf product and let the software company manage your LMS? Organizations of all sizes and types have had success with both options.

Here are some factors that may influence your decision:

Do you have the time and resources to maintain an LMS?

Having an IT staff designated to this software may take resources away from other organizational needs. There’s also a learning curve involved with customizing any new piece of software. This takes both time and money. If you have it, then you might want to go with a self hosted option. Otherwise, a closer look at a vendor hosted option may be the way to go.

What kind of options do you want for employee access?

If you have employees scattered over a wide geographic area and are hoping to use both mobile and desktop versions, a hosted LMS software option will likely best benefit you. The ability to utilize different version of the software might be best handled by a vendor-hosted product.

Your LMS should be easy to use for both the training staff and the learners. If it’s not, then try another option. Litmos offers a free trial for anyone interested in trying their cloud-hosted LMS. With over one million users, they must be doing something right. With a little research and looking at different options, you are sure to find the learning management system software that is right for you.