Take Advantage of Mobile Learning Courses

If the current and projected explosive growth of mobile phones, smart phones, and tablets are any indicator, providing mobile learning is imperative for an organization to stay competitive with a well informed workforce. With these mobile devices, the training landscape is changing drastically. From face to face, to online learning and now, anyone can train anytime, anywhere at any pace.

Top 3 reasons why mobile learning for businesses makes sense –

  • Highly Accessible and Relevant: with m-learning, your learners can access a world of information anytime, anywhere , available when they want it. Mobile learning can fit smaller learning moments into even the busiest of schedules as it requires much less time. Consider new product launch training sessions that used to be done in class room setting now moving to a web based, self paced mobile course. Your globally diverse team can even take the course while waiting for a train, at a coffee shop or even waiting for their kids lessons to be finished. That is the power of information accessibility. Also, as a result learners can easily tap into the course library resources and gain information when a topic comes up that they are not sure about. This means that the information is much more relevant to their current need instead of a classroom session.
  • Employee Engagement: Mobile learning courses are best developed, delivered and consumed in bite sized chunks. This means each section of the course is could be 5-15 minutes. Having small pieces of relevant information enables learners to not only go through these quickly but also retain more of the information delivered.
  • Efficient and Cost Effective: With all departments in any organization being asked to do more with less and time pressures of delivering on goals faster, it is important that employees have the necessary skills or knowledge as soon as possible. Since it does not require set up of physical classrooms and flying people from across the regions to come in, it is definitely an efficient and is a lot cheaper to develop and disseminate.

All Litmos mLearning courses are accessible via – iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Finding the perfect LMS for your needs is one of the biggest decisions you will need to make for your mobile learning program. With plentiful options available on the market, narrowing down the selection is often a bit of a challenge. Litmos has a vendor supported LMS that is used by millions of people around the world. You can try the LMS for free to see if you like it before purchasing. Start your free trial today and see if this LMS is the solution for your mobile learning program.