How mobile learning can be effective for education

In the past decade, there has been an explosive growth in number of mobile phones, tablets, and other connected devices while the cost of ownership and accessibility has gone down dramatically. As a result, wireless technology is now being utilized to dramatically improve learning and bring digital content to students. Students love mobile technology and use it regularly in their personal lives. Mobile learning represents a way to address a number of educational problems.

Mobile learning enables extension of education beyond school timings and confines of physical classrooms. It allows students to access learning courses from home, communicate with teachers, and work with other people online. The value of mobile devices is that they allow students to connect, communicate, collaborate and create using rich digital resources.

Mobile learning provides a way to provides students ability to:

  • Learn anywhere and at anytime.
  • Learn at their own pace.
  • Augment, use the lessons as a refresher to what they have learned in a face to face classrooms.
  • Retain the content more because of the bite sized learning sessions instead of a longer instructor-led training.

For educators, mobile learning enables:

  • Ability to reach to a much wider audience.
  • Cost effective and time efficient to create simple courses for students.
  • Get real-time feedback from learners on next topics and suggestions for follow-up in depth courses.
  • Real-time reports on students’ progress and time spent in attempting assessments.

Many new technology solutions truly enable mobile learning for educations. While mobile and wireless technology is backbone which drives the innovation, learning management systems like Litmos LMS is another essential component for enabling mobile learning for education. Hundreds of educational organizations rely on Litmos do deliver, track and report on courses for their students. Litmos is completely mobile-enabled so your learners can access courses anytime anywhere. Start a free trial today and see how Litmos can help!