How to Differentiate the Top eLearning Software Products

As you start looking for the necessary software support to launch an eLearning program, finding the top eLearning software isn’t always an easy task. Every company that develops this type of software advertises that theirs is the best you’ll ever find. Sorting through the types of software and then the different companies that offer the type you need can be made easier when you know some basic information that will help you narrow down the options.

Understanding eLearning Software

The most popular type of eLearning software is known as a learning management system (LMS). There are two types of LMS software on the market. The open source LMS software is one that has the programming left open so you can finalize it after purchase. It takes a lot of time and programming expertise to get this option ready for your users. The other is a proprietary LMS where you simply purchase a subscription and add your content; it’s ready to use almost immediately.

LMS Software Features

The feature differences will be a primary focus of your search in narrowing down the top eLearning software for your program. It’s good to have some idea of what you’re looking for before you start comparing each option, but here are some features that you might be interested in having available:

  • Mobile website or mobile application to allow your learners to continue their learning “on the go”
  • Discussion board or other social feature that allows learners to communicate with one another
  • Reporting capability where you can quickly access data about who has completed training and how they did on the associated assessments
  • Simple interface that doesn’t require a lot of instruction or training before use
  • Ability to handle large numbers of users accessing training data at the same time
  • Allows for the use of blended learning training material

Choosing an LMS

As you go through the list of features, you likely still have quite a few different software companies to eliminate before making a final selection. Litmos has a proprietary LMS software that has over a million users spanning the globe. This company is so confident you’ll love the LMS that they will let you try it for free before committing to a purchase. Take advantage of the free 14 day trial and see how this might be the top eLearning software you need for your program.

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