The 5 Love Languages of Learning

When it comes to learner adoption and the overall success of your training initiative, an LMS admin must understand their learners’ needs and expectations. That’s what we call, “The Five Love Languages… of Learning!” Join Gabe, Ryan, Josh, and Carol from the Litmos Dojo team as they we take you on a journey through the Five Love Languages of Learning, and how to communicate and love the learners in your LMS.

Discussion topics include:

  • Learner recognition
  • How to address learning challenges
  • How to incorporate mobile learning and SCORM
  • Using blended learning

About Litmos

Litmos solutions are the future of rapidly implemented training for the customer-focused enterprise. The solution combines a powerful LMS and a robust course library. It enables targeted learning, boosts employee experience and loyalty, and protects the brand by keeping the organization compliant. By engaging learners right in the flow of work, Litmos solutions empower personnel with knowledge that drives a better customer experience, improving KPI’s across the enterprise.


Gabe Vasquez, Senior Litmos Mentor at Litmos
Ryan Morris, Litmos Mentor at Litmos
Carol Lee Cunningham, Instructional Designer at Litmos
Josh Barton, Instructional / UX Designer at Litmos