Learning – traditionally a cost center – is increasing in value through extended enterprise learning, Brandon Hall Group’s 2017 Extended Enterprise Learning Study reveals.

extended enterprise learning reportThe research shows that learning for non-employees and remote and distributed employees now accounts for more than half of learning, and 40% of organizations surveyed are charging for this content, with almost one-third of organizations recouping more than half of their LMS costs. The research also shows further tangible, as well as intangible, benefits from extended enterprise learning that raise learning’s overall value.

In this report from Brandon Hall Group, you will hear an analysis of these top findings:

  • 40% of organizations generate revenue from extended enterprise learning
  • 56% of organizations say this learning is effective to very effective
  • Reporting and mobile capabilities are critical
  • 75% of organizations use an LMS to manage training
  • In-person training is the most popular delivery method

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