2020 dramatically changed how organizations approach learning, with new strategies, new modalities and new technologies. Going forward, companies must adjust their thinking about learning measurement as well. Traditional measurement models — which weren’t working well, anyway — must be jettisoned in favor of a strategy that captures how people interact with learning and its impact on their behavior and performance. As evidence, Brandon Hall Group’s Learning Strategy Study found that 59% of companies say their inability to measure learning’s impact keeps them from achieving critical learning outcomes.

Things are looking up, however. There is a notable improvement in how L&D approaches measurement and learning’s connection to the business. In late 2020, a joint research effort by Brandon Hall Group and Litmos uncovered rays of hope for learning measurement. The alignment with and input from leaders on business objectives is critical to learning’s effectiveness and represents an opportunity to move beyond completion reports to demonstrate learning’s value to the business.

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  • How to determine the ROI of learning
  • Measurement hurdles facing companies
  • How to evaluate behaviors that drive performance
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