Employers have been managing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic since March 2020. But still, the questions continue. What effects will COVID variants have on the return to the workplace? How do we manage a hybrid workforce indefinitely? What will the new normal look like in a year, in two years, and beyond?

Download this playbook from Brandon Hall Group and Litmos for stats, insights, and strategies on managing successfully in a volatile environment. It provides printable grids and worksheets to help your team plan to thrive in an uncertain future – particularly in regard to business, people, technology, and learning strategies.

Use this playbook to:

  • Access worksheets to analyze critical areas of your business such as employee wellness and change management planning.
  • Prepare your organization to be ready to adapt to sudden shifts in the global business environment with minimal disruption.
  • Set pragmatic and realistic goals for the business as a whole, as well as for employee engagement, satisfaction, and well-being.
BHG success strategies playbook

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