Today’s learning environment has changed and is continuing to evolve. A sizable portion of the workforce is working in non-traditional ways, including through contract, temporary, and virtual work. Further complicating the learning environment, employees are more distracted than ever. They receive hundreds of emails each day and are often interrupted by messages on their smartphones and other devices.

Perhaps due to these distractions and the proliferation of web-based information, learners have come to expect on-demand access to job-relevant information. They have learned to rely on their social networks and informal sources of information for learning. All of these factors impact the ability of L&D programs to engage learners. Additionally, with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many learners were taken out of familiar, in-person contexts and thrown into new, remote environments.

Given the multi-tasking realities of work today, how do L&D professionals engage learners? Answer that and other related questions with this paper from Training Industry and Litmos. Based on the results of research surveys on learner preferences, this paper outlines the proven strategies for meeting user preferences and delivering engaging training.

Read the whitepaper to discover:

  • What learners want, including their preferences by training topic
  • What methods modern learners reported to be most effective
  • What delivery methods work best, including multi-modal training
  • Recommendations on how to implement this study’s findings

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