Create Online Courses

When you build a course in Litmos you add your content in the form of modules. You can make students complete all of the modules in order or just leave it open for them to pick and choose.

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We’re SCORM certified

Whether you’re moving from another LMS, you’ve purchased off-the-shelf SCORM content or you’ve authored it yourself using Articulate, Captivate or any of the other SCORM compliant authoring tools, your SCORM 1.2 content will work perfectly in Litmos. What is SCORM?

Upload your video library

Upload just about any type of video file and we will automatically optimize it for playback over the web. We also create a mobile version of your video for playback on iPhoneiPad or Android phones.

Upload PowerPoint & Keynote presentations

When you upload a presentation created in one of these great tools we automatically convert it to a format that can be played through a web browser.

This means your learners don’t need to have PowerPoint or Keynote installed on their computer to view your presentations.

Send out Certificates

Upload a certificate template for each of your courses. Then when a student completes the course they will have access to download a customized certificate in PDF format.

Create quizzes to assess your learners

Create simple assessments or quizzes containing multiple choice, keyword and free text/essay questions to measure trainee comprehension.

Use Question Pools and randomization to mix up the assessments and reduce the chances of your learners cheating.

Create surveys to gain feedback

Create surveys using a range of different question types to gain feedback on your courses. Surveys can be sent out to all members of a course or anonymously to people via email.

Attach any kind of reference file

Just about any type of file can be attached to a course e.g. pdf, mp3, zip, word, excel, powerpoint, pictures, diagrams etc.

Upload all of your training documents and manuals so that they can be easily accessed by everyone in your organization.