Litmos in the SFDC App Exchange

The Litmos App has long been available in the Salesforce App Exchange. Once installed, the Litmos App enables your Salesforce users to access all your course material within the Salesforce environment. With the latest release of the Salesforce App (in the Fall of 2013), we have further integrated the Litmos experience within Salesforce. Course training information can now be sync’d to user profile fields and Litmos Objects in Salesforce. This enables you to create various reports and dashboard items that reflect Litmos training information such as number of courses assigned, number of courses completed and the course completed percentage for each user.














Why do I need Litmos Training Data Integrated with Salesforce?

Having training data exist within the Salesforce Platform enables users to have real-time training completion data available to them easily and conveniently. For example, with the Dashboard, users have a visual representation of their training progress. In reports, you can easily create a summary report of all your users in Salesforce.








How does it work?

Previously, when a user is assigned a course or completes a course within Litmos, that information was stored strictly in Litmos and course reports were generated within Litmos. With the addition of Litmos objects and user profile fields, when a user is assigned a course or completes a course, Litmos will send this information into the Salesforce Objects via the Salesforce API. All you have to do is set the proper permissions for these objects, create the necessary reports and dashboard items to your specifics and we sync the data for your users via the integration that we have developed.

To have this feature added to your Litmos account or for more information and documentation on this feature, please contact

Litmos can be found in the Salesforce App Exchange here.