With Litmos You Can Have Both Employee Training and Productivity

In the evolution of technology across the board, continuous learning for employees have never been so critical for organizational success. With that in mind, and without compromising employee productivity, online learning and learning management is assuming an important role in learning organizations. An online training management platform considerably reduces the travel and other associated costs that goes with classroom-based training sessions, while subsequently increasing employee productivity.

Social concepts like wikis, blogs, social networks and microblogs couple with an LMS, transforms it into a more dynamic offering for the teacher/learner. It also gives the learner a voice to contribute, share their knowledge and become part of a collaborative learning program.

The advancements in eLearning systems proves that LMS software caters to both productivity and employee training in equal measure. Litmos is the easiest to use online training management platform that drives both employee training and productivity.

Litmos makes it easy to manage and deliver web-based training courses. Employee training vs productivity? Litmos mobile learning supports both!

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An LMS for your large organization for advancing learning

An enterprise learning management (ELM) system helps corporations maximize the benefits of a modern training program. Utilizing the combined method of informal learning, formal learning, and blended learning techniques, enterprise learning is a winning approach for administrators and trainers alike. This method capitalizes on the best techniques from each historical training method and wraps them up in one comprehensive design to formalize informal learning. Using the right software will help ensure that the technology behind your design supports your intended efforts.

Enterprise Learning Management System

A robust LMS is a critical tool that supports the entire learning program. The right LMS is intuitive and easy for everyone to use without the need for a lot of training or instructions. Your administrators will be able to quickly log in and pull reports about nearly any aspect of the training program. Your learners can log in and find their assignments or look for training on a particular subject where they have identified a need.

The right LMS will be one that supports a plethora of blended learning technologies. It will allow users to collaborate with one another via discussion boards and social media. The LMS must also be powerful enough to support videos, gamification, and audio support for text screens. Furthermore, this LMS must also be able to support multiple users accessing the same information at a given time without getting bogged down.

Choosing Your LMS

One of the most critical decisions you’ll make with your enterprise learning management system is selecting the right software early on in the program. Knowing what you need now, and having some idea of where you want your program to go in the future will help you narrow down the vast selection. Your software will be the foundation that allows your program to grow and expand based on current and future needs.

Litmos offers an LMS on a subscription basis that is popular with users and training administrators alike. With a refreshing design and simple interface, it is very easy for anyone to use. Go ahead and sign up for a free 14-day trial to see that Litmos offers the solutions you need for your program.