Litmos LMS NEW FEATURES – Fresh Course Builder and Changes to ILT

In our newest release, we are introducing HUGE improvements to existing areas of the system, the course builder and Instructor Lead Training (ILT) module.  Because we are a customer driven product, not only did the Litmos team spend quite some time designing the new features but we also spent quite some time gathering customer requests and talking to customers.  With all the input we have gathered, the result is something we know will please you!

Fresh Course Builder

The biggest reason why our customers choose Litmos over other LMSs is its ease of use.  The idea behind changes to the Course Builder was to make creating courses even easier than before by aligning building courses with the way people think.  Building a course has now been broken into three category types, Upload, Create and Browse.

Course Builder - Content tab 02

The Upload section allows you to upload content from outside of Litmos.  This includes your videos, SCORM, audio, and other file types.  You can also link to files located in Box and Dropbox.

The Create section allows you to create Litmos formatted content.  This includes Assessments, ILT, surveys, and other Litmos content.  With the exception of ILT (explained later) once the module had been created, the module will work as they did before with the same look and same settings.

The Browse section allows you to find and copy content that is already in your Litmos Account.  This will function similar to the Duplicate or Link to module that was in the previous course builder.  Modules can be searched by keyword and/ or type as they had been before.  We have also added a search by category and by course.  And my favorite part about this feature, when searching by course, you can now copy or link all modules in a course with one click of a button.

In addition to changing how courses are created you can now preview courses from the Admin view by selecting the Preview Course button.

Changes to ILT

Learner session with mapEver since the ILT module was introduced over three years ago, the percentage of customers who use it has noticeably increased.  As more customers use the module, we spoke to customers about how they were using it and what they felt could make their experience a little bit better.  Although no major changes were made, we expect these changes to make a major impact on the way you use the ILT module.

Creating and managing ILT modules and sessions is now easier.  We have added additional filters, searching features, and sorting to help manage sessions and register users.  Identify commonly used locations and attach a map to help your learners find classroom learning easier.

Reporting on ILT Sessions is now easier with a dedicated ILT Quick Report that allows you to view all information for a session or an instructor.  Also, view all ILT sessions a learner has been registered for in a learner’s profile.

All users in the system, including learners, can now be promoted instructor without needing to give them full access to the system.   If they have been given instructor permissions, they will have their own screen to see the sessions they are instructing and mark roll call.

We have also included a calendar in learner view where they can visually see the sessions they are registered for.  Although I am not at liberty to discus, we do have great plans for this calendar, this is just the beginning.

This list goes on and on but these are the most notable improvements.  If you use the ILT module, you are likely to notice a number of other improvements.  If you have any questions, please visit our help guide or contact

Additional Features

A few additional improvements worth noting:

  • Include Team Code for bulk import in Team Quick Reports
  • Increased SCORM file size limit to 500 MB
  • Increased Additional Reference file size to 250 MB


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