Litmos Releases Certificates and Other Cool Features!

sample course completion certificateOur release today has seen a few very exciting changes roll out, one of which is the addition of certificates to the Litmos LMS.

Completion Certificates
So, first up, you can now add a certificate to any course you build in Litmos. This will then be issued to the learner as a PDF upon successful completion of your course. Here’s a post from our Help Guide to give you a little more info about that:

How to Add a Certificate to your Online Course

To Do, My Courses, Achievementstrainee

As you would expect, there are a few changes on the Learner side as well, to accommodate for the addition of Certificates. Previously, the trainee view consisted of a ‘To Do’ tab and a ‘Completed’ tab. Now, when you take a look at the trainee side you will see there are three tabs: ‘To Do’, ‘My Courses’ and ‘Achievements’ – the latter is where completed courses and certificates are stored.

Compliance Features
These changes provide the foundation for the new compliance-focused features we’re working on. Things like a ‘Compliant until’ date will be possible on your courses and this can then be a placeholder on your certificates. For example, if you had a First Aid course that once completed means the learner is compliant for one year, then you could add a one year expiry to the course from the date of completion. This will enable the automatic re-assignment of courses for a re-sit before expiry. Plus, this has a knock on effect in Reporting and we’ll be designing reports to quickly display compliant/non-compliant user information as well as a more comprehensive training history on an individual learner basis.

API Update

Last but not least, you can now get course results for your students via the API. This is great if you want to automatically import these results in to another one of your systems. More info on that here:

Users – Get assigned courses with results, Add & Remove Courses

Look out for more exciting updates to come out over the next few weeks!